The power of social media

By January 1, 2019 No Comments

With over 2 billion registered users on Facebook alone, there’s no doubt that social media is an important asset for any business.

Social media has drastically changed the way brands connect with their customers, not that long ago promotion was a thing that only big brands/corporations could afford as the only real methods were TV advertisements & radio with slots costing thousands of pounds.

Nowadays all a brand needs to connect with its fanbase are social media accounts and a savvy strategy in place. Assuming that a loyal customer follows your accounts you have instant access to their attention 24/7 at the submit of a post.

Even if someone hasn’t liked your page yet you have the option of paid, targeted advertisements through the various social platforms. This means even if someone hasn’t heard of your brand and you think that would love it if they did you can set up targeted campaigns. For example, if you had an online store selling clothing for music festivals you could create an advertisement targeting men & women, between the ages 18-30, with interests in music & festivals.

At Wolfgate Digital we have social media management solutions aimed at supercharging brands on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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