How to set up email on Apple devices

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Syncing your email accounts on Apple devices is pretty straight forward if you are using services such as Gmail, AOL or Yahoo. However things start to get tricky if you are trying to set up an email account that is supplied by your hosting provider, for example, Tso Host uses RoundCube.

It is actually quite an easy process that should have your email up and running within 10 minutes. It is worthy to note that you will have to go through this set up on each device ( iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro etc ) this tutorial is aimed at getting your email up and running on Apple computers and laptops. If you want a tutorial on how to set up email on a iPad or iPhone contact us at support@reliefdigital.com

Right, lets do this!!!

The first thing to do is make sure you have your incoming and outgoing mail server URL’s handy. They should look something like this mail3.yourhostingprovider.co.uk

  1. Go to Mail then click add account.


2. Now click on “Other mail account”


Click ‘Continue’


3. Now enter your name, the email address you want to add and the password for that email address.


Click ‘Sign In’


  1. When you click sign in you will see an error message in red at the bottom of the box that says “Unable to verify account name or password”, don’t worry we are going to fix that now !!!


Type the email address you want to add, then type the name you want to call your account.

Then type the password for the email account. Make sure you leave the account type IMAP. The incoming and outgoing mail servers are important so make sure you type them correctly, if you do not know what they are or where to find them contact your email or hosting provider to find out.


Once done click ‘Sign In’


  1. If you see this box then you are set to go! Click done and your email account will now be visible on the Mail main page under the Mailboxes -> Inbox tab near the top left of page



If you found this tutorial helpful then share with others!! If there is another topic you are stuck on email support@wolfgatedigital.com and we will do our best to do a tutorial on how to do it.

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